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USA Wireless Experience

The USA Wireless customer advantage begins with customer insight on the most popular phone accessories. We have the latest iPhone cases that are sold out in every other store. Our sales associates can help customers build a starter pack including a phone case, charger, screen protector, and replacement warranty, to ensure that every USA Wireless customer is completely satisfied with their purchase for the entire length of the contract.

All USA Wireless employees are complaint with AT&T’s stringent training requirements. They are required to attend local and online classes to stay updated with the latest technology. We pride ourselves in having the top most knowledgeable staff at all of our locations. Every sales representative is well informed and competent when it comes to backing up phones, transferring contacts from SIM cards, and creating user email accounts for Google and iCloud. They also can negotiate with AT&T to lower you bill, dispute fees and correct any account errors that other cell phone dealers, such as Best Buy Mobile, can often make when creating accounts.

All USA Wireless employees and managers practice the five key behaviors of excellent customer service adopted from AT&T. In doing so all are required to make the following promise: I promise to deliver an extraordinary customer experience to every customer, every time by consistently following the steps of the AT&T Retail Experience and applying the five Key Behaviors.

The 5 Key Behaviors are as follows:

  1. Welcome customers with a warm, friendly, and genuine greeting

  2. Personalize the interaction by using the customer’s name

  3. Give customers you undivided attention 

  4. Maintain a positive “I can help you” attitude

  5. Walk customers to the door, thank them and give a warm, friendly goodbye


At USA Wireless, each customer’s individual needs are met with a complete and tailored solution. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience built upon AT&T’s innovative technology for entertainment and communication. Our aim is to educate and offer guidance, not just promote products and services, so that our customers feel supported in their decisions every step of the way. The expert staff at USA Wireless is continuously trained with AT&T’s latest products so that the information you receive is accurate and up-to-date, down to the smallest details. Whatever the plans or services you need for your home or business, USA Wireless can provide you with the solution you need.


Visit your local USA Wireless store for details.