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Bundles offer a simple way to coordinate and manage your services. You can buy services together for a lower price, make payments together on one bill, take advantage of the convenience of pre-packaged services, get special “online only” bundle deals, and lock in special prices for up to 12 months

Personal Bundles

For easy access to all plans and pricing including Bundles, use the tool

Home Phone & U-Verse Internet: Bundle Phone with 1.5Mbps U-verse Internet at $14.95/mo for 12 months (NEED PRICE)

Home Phone & TV: Bundle with DIRECTV Entertainment Package and get 3 months free SHOWTIME—a $39 value!

Home Phone, Internet & TV: Bundle phone, 6Mbps U-verse Internet and DIRECTV

Home Phone, Internet & Wireless: Bundle phone, 1.5Mbps U-verse Internet at $14.95/mo for 12 months and wireless service

U-verse Bundles

Bundle 1: unlimited local, unlimited nationwide long distance and Internet starting at $75.00 per month

Bundle 2: unlimited local, nationwide long distance, Internet, data backup and Web services starting at $89.00 per month 

Bundle 3: unlimited local and nationwide long distance, Internet and remote tech support starting at $89.00 per month

Business Bundles

Bundle options include: Business Phone, Internet, Wireless, and Business Services. Visit your local USA Wireless store for details.


Visit your local USA Wireless store for details.