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USA Wireless is comprised of 56 beautiful and engaging authorized AT&T store locations conveniently located to support our customers. At each of our stores, customers find the newest products supported by the latest technology and services to fit their lifestyles, and special upgrades and programs only offered by USA Wireless. 

Since 1994, USA Wireless has been providing South Florida with the best in AT&T products and services and wireless accessories. Through acquisitions and franchises awarded by AT&T, the company was able to expand its offerings throughout the area. USA Wireless transitioned from a franchise structure to a single company, creating a central system through which to manage processes and facilitate growth. With the distinction of being the only outside sales team in South Florida authorized to sell AT&T Digital Life, we offer a specialized service unavailable at other providers in addition to our unique in-store features and company programs. 

USA Wireless maintains a motivated team of professionals focused on caring for our customers, and characterized by diversity and a culture of inclusion. The company is firmly founded upon high standards of service, experience, and success. Recent awards and recognition for USA Wireless include top agent awards for customer experience, overall retailer, total opportunities sold, and top wired sales.


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